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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oh No, Not Cantaloupe!

I was so happy to see that my beautiful daughter had no food issues! In China she ate everything we gave her...peas, carrots, pork buns, eggs, watermelon, oatmeal, shrimp, potatoes, cheerios, sweet potato...everything!

Now that we are home she has had similar eating habits.  We try something new every day or so, and she definitely has some likes and dislikes.  She likes ham.  She dislikes peaches.  She likes turkey, but dislikes turkey  meatballs.  Her favorite food, however, is cantaloupe!  She eats it by the handful!  She always wants more, more, MORE!
Last night proved to be a whole new Jenny Mei.  Nothing was adequate for her dinner.  Little Miss Manners decided to throw all that was put in front of her on the floor.  All the foods that she likes--tossed to the floor.  Even the beloved cantaloupe!

Now what?!
Has my daughter turned into a picky eater?  Is she just being a toddler? What can I feed her if even her favorites do not pass?  Am I supposed to offer more choices? No pasta, peas, carrots, chicken or cantaloupe?!  These are staples--Yikes!

One food she has recently discovered is the apple!

Jenny Mei had a visitor today who brought her a new toy--a little purse!  Jenny Mei loves it!  She immediately put it on her arm and swung it about like it was a Chanel bag filled with real treasures!!  We played with the cell phone, the compact and the coin purse all evening! Thank you to Aunt Beverly!

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