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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Four Months

Four months ago today we met Jenny.  She was a scared, snot nosed, itching, crying, not yet crawling, little girl with crazy spiky hair and an independent streak as wide as the South China Sea.  Six years of waiting and repeated visits to various police precincts to get fingerprinted (Fingerprints don't change, but apparently they expire.) culminated in us meeting our daughter for the first time, our Journey to Jenny ending, and transitioning to our Journey with Jenny.

Today she is a happy, walking & occasionally whining, talking, dancing, little dynamo, with a keen sense of humor who is learning and growing so fast it makes my head spin!!  I leave for work in the morning, and I come home to her spouting new words.  We, well mostly Kay really, taught, and continue to teach her, sign language, and it has really helped her communicate.  As she learns words to go with her signs, she uses them both together.  And when she uses words and is understood, she laughs with glee!! 

Just last week, for the first time, I received the greeting all Daddys want.  Jenny running towards me, squealing, arms extended upward to welcome me home!!  Awesome!!! 

I also made the mistake some time back of teaching her the old "extend an object towards someone who wants it, wait for them to reach, then pull it back" trick.  She got the joke almost immediately.  And she now uses it every chance she gets.  On me.  And it works every time.  It is worth the humiliation of being shown no respect by a toddler, just to see her smile and hear her laugh!!

It has been a fantastic four months, with Jenny meeting many friends and relatives, and seemingly enjoying all of the new people, and them surely enjoying her.  And we cannot wait for what tomorrow brings!

And the outpouring of interest from so many people has been fantastic!!  What is really amazing to us is all of you that have followed the blog.  It is really fun getting notes from people, both known and new to us, who mention that they have followed our journey via this.  Getting feedback is great in that it motivates us to write more often, so thank you all for letting us know.

Happy holidays!!!

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